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From Our Farm to Your Family's Table

Pasture-raised foods you can eat with confidence

Hidden Camp Farm brings you the finest in high quality, grass fed meats, organic dairy products, produce, and pantry staples, produced locally.

Do you want to join the growing community of people who receive food that is clean, pure, and fresh from the farm, delivered directly to their doorsteps and neighborhoods?

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Our Promise To Your Family

-All foods come from our farm or locally sourced farms
-Pasture-raised foods you can eat with confidence
-Protecting the environment and wildlife
-Supporting local and regional communities
-Humanely and Ethically Raised
-Organic, All Natural & Non GMO
-Antibiotic Free
-No Hormones

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Love this place! Delicious milk, cheese, yogurt, eggs, MEAT, etc! And they deliver! What's not to love? Thank you for existing!
Jessica Olmstead Jessica Olmstead
Terrific local, organic, pasture raised eggs, poultry, and dairy.
Scott Supak Scott Supak
This is the real deal old fashioned milk that I grew up on 1960's. I now feed this to my kids and wife. I know the taste as a kid and this is it. Store bought commercial organic milk does not taste like this. We also bought the eggs and they are not light store bought eggs whether organic or not. The whites don't splatter like store eggs and these eggs puff up when you over easy them. It is like buying one egg and getting 1 and 1/2. These eggs taste better with different texture.
Thomas Short Thomas Short
I have to say that I have been searching for pastured eggs for a long time. I eat 3 yolks a day, following the Perfect Health Diet, so I’ve tasted a lot of yolks. Yours are best by far. I noticed the eggs are smaller, probably due to the fact they are eating what they are supposed to. The flavor is MUCH better than even organic eggs, and they don’t bother my stomach like others do. Keep it up!
Helena Wolfe Helena Wolfe
I am allergic to soy and avoid it at all costs. I was not able to eat eggs for 15 years because when the chickens are fed soy the eggs cause me dietary issues. I am so grateful that I found Hidden Camp Farm and can enjoy eggs again
Lori - Glenville, NY Lori - Glenville, NY
I have cooked MANY turkeys over the years and this year I had the BEST turkey ever from your farm purchased from Healthy Living Markets. PLEASE say you will continue to serve the Capital Region!
Deb Shea Deb Shea
I will be a loyal customer because of your excellent products , customer service and communications skills!
Penny Arcade - NY, NY Penny Arcade - NY, NY
We are just finishing up our organic turkey from your farm. From packaging to taste, it did not disappoint! It cooked up perfectly and was the highlight of our feast. We will definitely purchase your turkeys and products again!
ldgrant - NY, NY ldgrant - NY, NY
The best milk I ever had
Benjamin Quinn Benjamin Quinn
We have been customers of Hidden Camp Farm for a while and we find the people and service exceptional. As important as that is, the food is the best, the chicken, lamb, and pork is the best bar none! The honey the elderberry syrup are excellent and the eggs are tops! The food is the healthiest and best tasting you will find. My wife and I highly recommend Hidden Camp Farm to you.
Eric Mondschein Eric Mondschein
This farm is great. I get the soy-free eggs and liver. The crème fraiche is incredibly creamy and delicious. I also find they have the best tasting ferments. And they deliver to my house.
Annah Geiger Annah Geiger
I absolutely am thrilled to be getting wonderful food from Hidden Camp. I truly appreciate the work that goes into farming and especially the care and effort you put into your animals and foods. I have and will continue to speak highly about Hidden Camp foods to my friends and family. Just this morning I gave your info to my son in Ballston Spa and a friend who is also interested.
Eileen Mulderry
I love this farm! I get very high quality meats, eggs and dairy at a great price, all delivered to my door.
Jovi Villavicencio Jovi Villavicencio

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