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We have merged the majority of our business with Pasture To Fork. Be sure to check out this new farm for truly pastured and healthy foods. Visit and enter coupon code: "Hidden Camp" to receive $15.00 off your first order!

However, our Farm Store is still open by appointment with only dairy and eggs available: Monday thru Friday 8 to 5, Saturday 9 to 2, and CLOSED on Sunday

Contact us at any time if you have any questions.

Your Heritage Food Connection

High Quality - Traditional - Nutrient-Dense
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Grass Fed Pasture Raised Corn & Soy Free A2/A2 Beyond Organic Antibiotic & Vaccine Free

Vital Food. Vital Wellness.

Food has power and a purpose. Eat nutrient-dense food produced with love and care. Enhance the health and wellness of you and your family. Make the most of every meal.

Farm for the Future.

Regenerative farming starts with the soil. We are passionate about soil health. Healthy, vibrant soil creates healthy animals, healthy food, and a healthy planet. It’s about protecting nature and life. It’s about the generations to come. It’s food with a purpose.

Go Beyond the Labels.

Transparency in food is important to us. We let you know exactly how our animals are raised and how our products are made. It’s our goal to provide you with clean, pure food.

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Love From Our Community

Love this place! Delicious milk, cheese, yogurt, eggs, MEAT, etc! And they deliver! What's not to love? Thank you for existing!
Jessica Olmstead Jessica Olmstead
Terrific local, organic, pasture raised eggs, poultry, and dairy.
Scott Supak Scott Supak
The best milk I ever had
Benjamin Quinn Benjamin Quinn
I will be a loyal customer because of your excellent products , customer service and communications skills!
Penny Arcade - NY, NY Penny Arcade - NY, NY
I have to say that I have been searching for pastured eggs for a long time. I eat 3 yolks a day, following the Perfect Health Diet, so I’ve tasted a lot of yolks. Yours are best by far. I noticed the eggs are smaller, probably due to the fact they are eating what they are supposed to. The flavor is MUCH better than even organic eggs, and they don’t bother my stomach like others do. Keep it up!
Helena Wolfe Helena Wolfe
I am allergic to soy and avoid it at all costs. I was not able to eat eggs for 15 years because when the chickens are fed soy the eggs cause me dietary issues. I am so grateful that I found Hidden Camp Farm and can enjoy eggs again
Lori - Glenville, NY Lori - Glenville, NY
We are just finishing up our organic turkey from your farm. From packaging to taste, it did not disappoint! It cooked up perfectly and was the highlight of our feast. We will definitely purchase your turkeys and products again!
ldgrant - NY, NY ldgrant - NY, NY
We have been customers of Hidden Camp Farm for a while and we find the people and service exceptional. As important as that is, the food is the best, the chicken, lamb, and pork is the best bar none! The honey the elderberry syrup are excellent and the eggs are tops! The food is the healthiest and best tasting you will find.
Eric Mondschein Eric Mondschein

Our Promise To You

Produced with love and care
From local farms in NY or PA
Straightforward transparency
Humanely and ethically raised
Exceptional customer service