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100% Grass-fed, Grass-finished Beef Value Box Guarantee

New York raised beef at a Great Price!

More about our Value Box Guarantee;

Hidden camp farm will be offering some BEEF VALUE BOXES at a steep discount and we would like to explain why. (This is 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef)

Several years ago our beef supplier ( Little Lakes Ranch) processed all their beef into individual cuts, immediately vacuum packed, quickly frozen and stored in a commercial freezer warehouse at minus 20F. This decision was made based on the assumption that an internet direct-to-consumer market would be established and a significant inventory was necessary to supply the market demand. Unfortunately, the marketing campaign fell short of expectations and the market demand never materialized. The company was left with a significant inventory. 

New management took responsibility in early 2021 and has been reasonably successful moving a great deal of this (aged frozen) inventory but a significant amount still remains. They have asked if we would help promote this at an aggressive discount and we have decided to share this GREAT DEAL with you. 

The meat is good, and the USDA has no restrictions on selling (aged frozen). It is healthy local quality meat. They have moved 1000s of pounds over the past year without a complaint.So we thought we would like to offer it to you as well.   It's your choice, We still have the fresh-frozen available every week. 

MAYBE YOU WILL NOT LIKE IT …. You may not like the flavor, The color, The tenderness, the way it was cut or whatever.   If that is the case , Please let us know and we will refund 100% of what you paid.

We will call this the (VALUE BOX GUARANTEE) Meaning that we stand behind this age frozen 100%. 

You can purchase it with confidence! If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase we will refund you 100%...

Your Friends at Hidden Camp Farm. 

Notice: Please have your order submitted by Sunday Midnight for that week delivery or pickup.

 (Orders after the deadline will have to wait until the following week)

Here is what each box includes;

Beef & Chicken Value Box

6 Lbs Ground Beef, 4 Lbs Quality Cuts* (Cuts may vary), 3 Lbs Pasture Raised Chicken

Executive Box

8 Lbs Premium Cuts** (Cuts may vary), 5 Lbs Brisket

All Beef value Box

5 Lbs Ground Beef,8 Lbs Economy Cuts*** (cuts may vary)

All Ground Beef


*Quality Cuts

Top Sirloin (Full face cut)

Chuck Eye


Flat Iron

Chuck Steak (Bone-in and Boneless)

Ranch Steaks (Shoulder London)

**Premium Cuts


Rib Eye (Bone-in and Boneless)



Strip Steak

Ball Steak (From Top Sirloin)

Cap Steak (From Top Sirloin)

***Economy Cuts

Sirloin Tip Steak

Top Round London

Top Round Steak

Bottom Round Steak

Eye Round Steak

Short Ribs


Flap, Flank, Skirt


Osso Bucco