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A2-A2 Dairy products and the health benefits for drinking whole milk!

written by

Daniel King

posted on

May 16, 2022

How about more of an insight on the pasteurized, A2-A2 dairy products that we handle?

Our A2-A2 Dairy products,

Come from Family Farmstead Dairy (Tom & Caroline Macgrath) in Worcester NY. Tom & Caroline believe in a special kind of farming that nurtures the land, animals and their family. They love working side by side with Their children and God's creation to produce high quality, farm crafted products for families like yours.

They also believe that 100% grass-fed dairy products are the best option for human health. This means that the cows at Family Farmstead never get any grains. They have access to the outdoors, and as long as the weather allows them they will be outside all day long except for milking time, where they come into the milking parlor to be milked…

Tom & Caroline also believe in the A2-A2 proteins in dairy products…

Read more about Family Farmstead Dairy.

Why we choose A2-A2 milk and what is better about it.

Over the past years some studies have been done around the world to determine the differences between A1 And A2 proteins.

Here are 3 main functions that these Beta Casein proteins affect.  

Digestive, How you feel after consuming A2-A2 proteins. Milk that has been A2 tested is easier to digest and is known to have fewer uncomfortable side effects after consuming it. We would like for you to try it as it has been proven by our family and friends.

Metabolic, How your body uses A2-A2 proteins. A2-A2 proteins are linked to more positive health effects and fewer negative health effects than A1 protein milk.

Cognitive, How your brain functions differently when you consume A2-A2 proteins vs A1. People who drink A2-A2 milk regularly have demonstrated to solve problems quicker and more accurately than people who drink A1 proteins.

So if you are used to feeling bloated or your stomach doesn't feel good after consuming milk, we recommend that you try some of our A2-A2 milk and see if you can’t tell the difference.

A2-A2 Milk is known to have a good source of vitamins, like vitamin A, D and B12 which are all important for a strong healthy body and a good bone and teeth structure.

Drink whole milk!

Low-temp pasteurized.

Family Farmstead Dairy pasteurizes their milk using the lowest temperature pasteurization that is legally possible, called Vat pasteurization (also known as batch pasteurization-or LTLT (low-temp-long-time)). The milk is heated down to 145℉ for 30 minutes.

We believe that in using this low-temp pasteurization, our milk is as close to raw milk as legally possible. Sure, some of the healthy bacteria's may have been killed, but not nearly as many as would have if the milk would be UHT (ultra-high-temperature) pasteurized...


That's right! Our milk and milk products have not been homogenized. This means that our milk and all our dairy products have a rich heavy creamline with a taste, texture, and look that is noticeable. 

Now, the creamline on this pasteurized milk is still not as good as the creamline on raw milk might be but it most definitely has a better fat content than most other milk that can be bought at the super markets, where some of it looks about like white water instead of rich and creamy milk.

This picture below shows how very little of a creamline that is lost from raw milk to our pasteurized, non-homogenized milk...

Now if you can go to your local super market and get just any milk with a creamline like this, I would like to know about it. This milk is produced from cows that are cared for and loved by a family that is concerned about the future generation.

We also offer Kefir from Family Farmstead which is processed the same way as the milk with as little ingredients as possible.

Choose a healthier diet today!

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