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Bounty from Our Neighbor's Orchard: A Taste of Pure Apple Bliss

written by

Daniel King

posted on

October 23, 2023


We at Hidden Camp Farm are absolutely thrilled to share some exciting news that's been brewing in our little corner of paradise.

Thanks to the incredible generosity of our neighbor, we've recently acquired an abundance of beautiful, organic apples that are just waiting to be turned into something truly magical.

Our neighbor, a kind soul who doesn't have the means to utilize these apples, decided to share this gift of nature with us. And oh, what a gift it is! The apples are truly a testament to the beauty of organic, homegrown produce – each one a masterpiece in taste and appearance.

So, what's our plan for these delectable treasures? We're taking full advantage of the season and the incredible flavors these apples have to offer. With an overwhelming amount of apples to be harvested we have given another Amish family in the community the opportunity  to pick and press the apples as they can also sell some of the cider themselves and we don't have time to harvest them ourselves.

So, the Esh family will be hard at work over the next couple of weeks picking these wonderful apples and pressing them into the most delicious, raw apple cider you've ever tasted.

Because of the large amount of apples there are and we don't want any to go bad we will be freezing whatever cider we can't sell fresh. So we may have frozen cider available well into December, depending on the demand.

The essence of autumn and the love of craftsmanship will be bottled in every drop.

Preservation: Because this cider does not have any preservatives or additive added, freezing is an effective way to preserve fresh apple cider because it slows down or halts the natural enzymatic and microbial processes that cause spoilage and fermentation. By reducing the temperature, the growth and activity of bacteria, yeasts, and molds are significantly slowed, preserving the cider's freshness.

Flavor and Aroma: Freezing apple cider can help retain its original flavor and aroma. When properly frozen and thawed, the cider can taste almost as good as it did when freshly pressed because the low temperatures prevent the breakdown of the cider's flavor compounds.

Enjoy a glass of fresh cider and also the warmth of community and the simple pleasures of life.

Hidden Camp Farm cherishes the bond we have with our neighbors and friends, and we're thrilled to share the bounty of this orchard with you.

Together, we'll celebrate the changing seasons, the beauty of organic produce, and the joy of working together in the embrace of nature. 🌳🍏🥂

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