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CORN AND SOY-FREE pastured chicken meat! It's possible and it's important!

June 26, 2023

Poultry is VERY challenging to raise in large flocks without any grain. There is however, a much better solution than GMO corn & soy - AND WE HAVE IT HERE!

In the past we've had some requests for chicken meat with no corn and soy. At first we thought it wouldn't be possible but after doing some research we found a feed mill out of Pennsylvania who had a proven ration ready to go.

Here are the benefits and why we thought it'd be a good idea

As a small family farm who believes in raising the animals the way they are intended to be raised we feed them only what is best for the end results (Human Health). However, it truly does benefit the animal itself as well by raising them naturally! 

In the past we have been feeding our meat chickens an "all-natural", GMO-free ration with corn & soy. It was a locally raised product but we knew that both the corn and soy are not good health practices so we searched for better and found better. The new feed ration that we now feed our chickens consists of: Wheat, barely, peas, flax meal, fishmeal, crab meal, poultry nutri balancer, limestone, grit.

Why is corn & soy bad?

Probably the number one reason that we do not want to use corn and soy is because it is hard to find any that is organically raised. Most feed rations (unless otherwise stated) will include corn & soy. It's sad, but it is the main ingredient for animal feed.

If it is not organically raised it will likely be genetically modified (GMO) and will be in treated and sprayed with chemicals as for weed control. This will kill the live microbes and effect the regenerative soil health. There is way too much of this happening now a days.

Allergy reaction risk

There are more and more people that have allergic reactions to soy proteins as well as corn. Soy allergy is caused by your immune system identifying certain soy proteins as harmful invaders. When your body comes in contact with soy, antibodies in your body recognize it as an invader and releases histamine and other chemicals in your bloodstream. These can create a range of allergic reactions. It's really those crazy GMO's that we're reacting to!

Along with allergies, soy can also cause other health affects. It can cause indigestion, cancer, diarrhea, birth defects and more. 

Soy also contains estrogen-like compounds called isoflavones which can cause the growth of some cancer cells, mess with thyroid function. Corn and soy are both high in omega 6 fatty acids, which can be inflammatory, increasing the risk of chronic diseases. Corn and soy-free meat is high in omega 3 and can help balance the omega 3/6 proteins to a healthier diet.

Benefits to Corn & Soy-free pastured chicken

By choosing to purchase corn & soy-free chicken from your local farmer you are helping your body health as well as supporting the regenerative ag system, and you'll be able to eat with confidence! You won't need to worry about any chemicals, GMO's, vaccines and all that bad stuff, you know it's raised naturally.

Our chickens are also washed with water only! Our processor does not use any acids, sterilizers or chemicals to wash the meat , just cold water, and ice to chill them down!

At Hidden Camp Farm we offer the most delicious, tender and juicy meat birds ever! Our chickens are raised on pasture and have access to fresh grass, live bugs, worms, and other grubs all day. They also love to scratch the dirt and bathe in the sun on warm summer days.


The picture above shows the mobile coop that our chickens are housed in. This gets moved twice a day to fresh grass and leaves behind a nice mat of chicken poo which is an excellent regenerative practice along with good fertilizer. Our lovely little farm dogs are always on watch to make sure no bird escapes😄

Make the healthy and delicious choice today and feed your children the best quality chicken meat they deserve!

Daniel King

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