Have You Been Able To Try Pullet Eggs?

January 1, 2021

Welcome to Hidden Camp Farm’s new blog! A space where we will be sharing updates weekly, regarding a variety of topics: New Product Features, Happenings Around the Farm, and Highlighting the Benefits of Pastured, Grass-fed, Organic Products. 

This week’s focus will be on Pullet Eggs

What are pullet eggs? 

Perhaps we should first define what pullets are; a pullet is a term that refers to a young hen, typically less than one year old. As these laying hens begin to mature, they produce a series of eggs that are much smaller than the eggs they will yield later in life; these eggs are referred to as pullet eggs. 

What makes pullet eggs different from the eggs that Hidden Camp Farm typically offers? 

As noted above, these eggs are much smaller than the sizes that many are accustomed to. In this case, it is not just the size of the egg, but also the composition. Pullet eggs are known to have a higher yolk to egg white ratio than the eggs we might normally consume. They may also have a cloudy white portion, rather than clear. Both of these differences create a more viscous, firm texture. With respect to taste, pullet eggs are known to be both more rich and more sweet than their larger counterparts. We hope these are the best tasting eggs you might find! 

Why are pullet eggs difficult to find? 

There are several factors regarding why many have not been able to enjoy these delicacies. In some cases, these have been referred to as “farmer’s eggs”; because they have been enjoyed exclusively by farmhouse kitchens. Some pastry chefs recognize that pullet eggs lend additional richness to their products, and may seek them in large quantities. Laying hens will only produce these eggs for a brief duration of their lifecycle. Lastly, industrialized farming has created much greater demand for large and extra large eggs. 

What are some of the best uses for pullet eggs? 

Simple preparations allow these eggs to shine, and their firm texture makes for straightforward fried eggs, poached eggs, and hard boiled eggs. They are equally delicious in scrambled eggs, omelettes, or perhaps in a Hollandaise Sauce on your first Eggs Benedict of 2021. 

These special eggs can be used anywhere else you typically use eggs, including baked goods. We recommend substituting 3 pullet eggs for every 2 large eggs that a recipe calls for. 

Where can I purchase them? 

Pullet eggs are available here in the Hidden Camp Farm Store, for a limited time. 

-Happy New Year, from your friends at Hidden Camp Farm!

John King
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