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Hidden Camp Farm Barn Fire

written by

Kevin Paige

posted on

April 4, 2023

On Sunday, April 2, 2023, the King family was hit with disaster. One of Hidden Camp Farm's barns was consumed by a devastating fire. This is an enormous loss for this family. Due to the fire, they lost the entire chicken barn and livestock. They also lost food, tools, and numerous supplies they need to run their business.


Our friends and family have come to the rescue. Following the disastrous fire, the King's community rallied quickly to put out the fire, clean up the debris and begin to construct a new building. The massive outreach of donations, labor and friendship illustrates the power and meaning of community in practical ways as numerous friends and family converge to erect a new barn in a single day.


With the help of many well meaning friends and family who dontaed a lot of their time sand labor we already have a new barn. It is however, not finished yet and needs quite a bit of work inside yet so that we can restock on inventory. We also hope to get another batch of meat chickens soon and start raising them again.


Here is a picture of the inside of the warehouse/packing area. The white rooms on the right is where the cooler and freezer will be. It takes some time but as soon as the cooler system is put in and it is cold we'll be able to restock on the refrigerated items.



By April 20th the outside of the new barn is pretty much completely finished. There are a couple small projects to be done yet like putting a roof over the double doors that enter the new farm store which you can see in the picture below.


Here is a picture of the interior of the new barn where the chickens will be housed. They do have access to the outdoors as long as the weather permits. We hope to have chickens in the barn no later than April 27th.


Low and behold we'll get to have a cute little farm store right on the farm once everything is finished. It has been our dream for several years to someday have a neat little farm store here so that folks can come and buy conveniently right at the farm.




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