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How can you help with regenerative farming by composting more materials?

November 10, 2022

So you might remember about the blog that I wrote a couple months ago regarding healthy soil...Food is medicine. Our healing starts in the soil...?

Well I'd like to take that a little further and tell you how you can help with creating a great and regenerative soil at your very home.

You have the power to heal the world.

Each time that you purchase a product with the "USDA" or "Organic" label you are choosing clean fresh air and water along with truly nutritious foods. You are also choosing a healthier and longer life for the next generation and your future, in which it can go beyond a better blood pressure and a well balanced calorie diet.

The best place to start making a difference is at home. 

  • The best way to support organic and regenerative farming is to purchase organic.
  • Get to know the farmers where your food is grown.
  • If you shop at the supermarket be sure to purchase only if it has the "USDA Organic" logo on it. This is the best way to be sure that it was grown with no chemicals.
  • When purchasing meats be sure that it is "grass fed" or "pasture raised". Pork and poultry meat may be nearly impossible to come by without the use of grain to raise them as they need that grain to gain the proper weight at the proper age. Beef is different, this can be raised on grass and grass hay only. Learn how important it is to choose grass-finished beef.
  • When you're in the kitchen learn to compost. Rather than tossing your scraps in the garbage you can start your very own composting in your backyard and use it on your garden. It really is not that hard.

Do you have a small area in your backyard where you can hardly get to with the mower? This would be a great place to put all your composting materials and plant some flowers to attract the wild birds, bees and other natural pollinators. 

  • Contact a local family owned farm and see if you can take a small tour of the farm or maybe even help out with the work for a day or so.
  • Teach your children the importance of making healthy food choices and how to protect the environment. Ask them to help you prepare a meal occasionally, and take them to your local farm to take a tour. This will get them interestested in their food a lot sooner and teach them where their food comes from.

Studies have shown that kids who are involved in gardening, farming etc are more active and actually score higher in standard tests and are more likely to eat their veggies.

Now if you already purchase your foods from your local farmer you have an advantage. You know where your food is coming from and how its raised and you don't have to worry about looking for the "right" labels each time you purchase a product.

All the best.

Daniel King

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