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How important is a healthy breakfast? Do good meals really matter? Start your meal plan for every day of the month.

September 9, 2022

I've read recently that the month of October is known as the "Eat Together Month". Have you ever heard of that before? I know I haven't, but you know, it got me thinking.

October is the first full month that the children are back in school and vacations are over and so on and so forth. With that, it is a great opportunity to take the time at least once a day (or more, up to 3 times a day) to sit down with the entire family to enjoy a meal of healthy and nutritious food.

Meal planning tips

In order to have 3 good meals each day it takes some planning for the cook. You can find lots of healthy and nutritious meal plans and ideas at Healthyeating. If you want to start keeping a weekly meal plan and write it down you can download this pdf form and keep your weekly menu handy.

Do you know which meal is the most important of the day?

Breakfast. If you eat a healthy and nutritious breakfast in the morning you may be surprised how much better you feel throughout the day. A growing child that has a good nutritious meal each morning before school will be able to focus a lot better and learn more that day.

I know a lot of us probably don't have a whole lot of time to cook breakfast before it's time to go to work or for the children to go to school. A healthy breakfast does not have to be time consuming. It can simply consist of a glass of whole milk and a whole grain cereal bar along with a piece of fruit. The main thing your body needs to get started in the morning is called a "3 out of 5" food group. It consists of grain, vegetables or fruit, dairy or protein (like eggs or meat). It is important to eat at least 3 of these 5 food sources each morning.

However, the better you fill your hunger at breakfast the less hungry you'll be at lunch time. A healthy nutritious lunch can consist of a good vegetable sandwich, some fruits, an egg sandwich, a couple healthy snacks etc.

The next meal on the list would be dinner (or as we call it, supper :). This is a great time to cook a wonderful beef steakchicken meat, or make a soup or stew.

A snack in between meals is okay as long as you choose a healthy snack. Something like carrots, an apple, some cheese, or something like that can be a great nourishing snack for the body.

So lets start our day off by eating a great breakfast and see if we have more energy throughout the day!

Wishing you the very best in health!

Daniel King

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