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How to prepare your own compost pile in the backyard. Help save the earth!

October 6, 2022

Composting helps build healthy soil and turns most trash into something that is worth using.

How to start composting?

There is not really one right way to compost. First you'll need some kind of bin like a wire cage with an open top or a regular garbage can. It also works to just have an open pile right on the ground. However, this may cause more odors and foul smells.

If you choose to use a wire bin or something like such you will want to place it on a wooden pallet.

Now start your compost pile by adding"browns" like wood chips, hay, newspaper, cardboard, leaves, etc.

Next you'll want to add a layer of "greens". This consists of most food waste, coffee grounds/filters, egg shells, grass, manures, etc.

You'll want to apply about twice the amount of "browns" than "greens" (no foods should show) and you'll need to turn this over about once a year or so.

After adding the first couple layers the pile may start to heat up quite a bit. This is normal as the microorganisms feed on these inputs and breaking them down and releasing valuable plant nutrients. Typically a compost pile will reach about 130℉ at its peak.  As the materials break down, the temperature of the compost pile will decrease to normal air temperatures. At this point, the pile starts to cure and is ready for use as a soil amendment.

The finished compost product should be a rich dark brown and crumbly soil that is almost soft to the touch. It should not have a bad smell or odor.

What can be done with compost?

You can use it on your garden or in a potting plant as an actual soil. If using it on top of regular dirt you will want to apply about 2 inches the first year and then add about 1 inch each year following.

What are the benefits of composting?

By throwing your recyclable materials on a compost pile rather than in the garbage or burning them will help build a rich and nutrient dense soil that can be used to grow some wonderful fruits and vegetables and so much more products that are beneficial to the human health.

This composted soil should also be rich with earthworms which help to get the needed oxygen in the soil to help it break down properly.

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