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Nourishing Sustainability: Raising Exceptional Pastured Pork, Now Corn & Soy-free!

written by

Daniel King

posted on

February 7, 2024


At Hidden Camp Farm, we strive to raise our animals with care, ensuring they lead happy, healthy lives while providing our customers with the highest quality products. 

Our latest venture into pork production exemplifies this commitment, with our pigs raised right here on our farm, fed a diet free from corn, soy, GMOs, and antibiotics.

We used to purchase our pigs from a local Amish farm, Hidden Spring Acres. However, we weren't totally satisfied with the way they raised the pigs as they fed them grain that included corn & soy. So last fall marked the beginning of our pork journey as we welcomed our first two piglets to Hidden Camp Farm. Our goal has been to raise them in a manner that aligns with our values of sustainability and ethical farming practices. 

Our pigs have been nourished primarily with excess milk and skim milk from our 100% grass-fed cows, supplemented with hay and a specially formulated grain mix that is free from corn and soy.

Throughout the warmer months, our pigs have enjoyed the freedom of a small woodlot, where they've relished in the natural bounty of grubs, tree roots, and vegetation. This outdoor lifestyle not only ensures their physical health but also allows them to express their natural behaviors, fostering their overall well-being.

As the colder weather approached, we transitioned our pigs to the comfort of the barn, where they continued to thrive on a diet of hay, milk, and grain. Despite not being fed corn, our pigs have grown steadily, albeit at a slightly slower pace. 

This deliberate choice reflects our unwavering commitment to producing pork without the use of GMOs or unnecessary additives, even if it means sacrificing rapid growth for the sake of animal welfare and product quality.

At Hidden Camp Farm, we believe that the extra time and effort invested in raising our animals according to our principles are well worth it. By choosing our pasture-raised, corn and soy-free pork, customers not only enjoy meat of exceptional taste and quality but also support a farm dedicated to sustainability and ethical farming practices.

The benefits of our pasture-raised, corn and soy-free pork extend beyond taste.
With higher nutrient density and lower fat content, our pork is rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids. 

Join us in celebrating the culmination of our pork-raising journey and experience the difference that conscientious farming makes. From our farm to your table, Hidden Camp Farm pork represents the pinnacle of quality, sustainability, and flavor.

To read more on the breed of our pigs and why we choose this breed you can click here.

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