Producer Spotlight: Family Farmstead Dairy

January 15, 2021

This week we would like to focus on another member of the “family of farms” represented in the Hidden Camp Farm Store: Family Farmstead Dairy. Hidden Camp Farm partnered with Family Farmstead Dairy earlier in 2020, to offer their A2 Milk. Today we would like to share some of the reasons we are glad to continue offering this product.

Family Farmstead Dairy is very close to Hidden Camp Farm geographically, and equally close in their commitment to pasture raising a 100% Grass-fed, organic herd. 

Just a little more than 20 miles from Hidden Camp Farm, the McGrath Family operates Family Farmstead Dairy on 158 acres of rolling hills in Worcester, New York. Their onsite creamery allows them to have caring control over every aspect of: managing their herd, minimally processing their milk, and bottling their milk. Each member of the herd at Family Farmstead Dairy is genetically tested to ensure they will produce A2 milk. Just like at Hidden Camp Farm, the herd is rotationally pastured on a seasonal basis, benefiting the land as well as the health and happiness of the cows.

By minimally processing their milk, Family Farmstead Dairy opts not to homogenize their milk. The result is visible in the cream top, and their product retains greater flavor and texture. The milk is pasteurized, in accordance with state and federal regulations for safety - however not all pasteurization methods are identical. Family Farmstead Dairy utilizes a Low Temperature Pasteurization method that slowly and gently raises the temperature of the milk to 145 degrees fahrenheit. Compared to the Ultra High Temperature (275 degrees) pasteurization that many industrially produced milks are subjected to, the proteins do not become denatured and more nutrients remain available for the body to utilize. 

With their onsite creamery, Family Farmstead Dairy can produce milk in small batches, to ensure maximum freshness. While there is some machinery involved in order to fill their glass milk bottles, it still takes several human hands to supervise and assist in the process. Please be sure to exchange this glass, so they can be sterilized and refilled many more times.

The A2 difference, makes this milk worth seeking out.  

Among the several types of protein found in cows’ milk, beta casein is the one that distinguishes this milk from many other types. Beta casein has two main variants, referred to as A1 and A2 (simply named in the order that they were discovered by scientists). Most of the cow’s milk available in stores contains some combination of A1 and A2 beta casein. 

Recent research has shown that the human body responds differently to A2 milk, than milk containing A1. These differences are apparent in three key areas: how the body digests the milk, how the milk is utilized by the metabolism, and the impact on cognitive function. When you combine all of the potential health benefits with great cream top flavor, it is easy to see why the number of A2 milk supporters is continually increasing.  

For anyone that cannot make it to Hidden Camp Farm, we believe that A2 Milk from Family Farmstead Dairy, is the next best option. 

Given current restrictions in the state of New York, our Hidden Camp Farm raw milk is only available to those that are able to pick it up on the farm. We are glad to be able to offer another high quality milk choice, for our delivery drop sites as well as for home delivery. 

Find A2 Milk from Family Farmstead Dairy here in the Hidden Camp Farm Store. 

John King

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