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The health benefits in pastured pork vs commercial pork?

February 8, 2023

Why is it important to eat pasture-raised pork?

Pork dishes are delicious and an excellent source of lean protein for our diet. The sad thing is, not all pork is raised the same and that is why it is important to choose the right kind of pork while shopping...pasture-raised!

Here are 4 reasons to choose pasture-raised pork over commercially raised pork.

It benefits the pig itself.

A large percent of pork that can be purchased at the supermarket has been raised in huge commercial facilities where there are upwards of 2500 pigs packed in one area. These pigs see very little (if any) daylight in there lifetime and they consistently have antibiotics pumped into them as to fight diseases that are quite common in confined spaces like this.

Pigs that are raised on pasture are happier and healthier as they get to experience all the fresh air, sunshine and exercise they need. Pastured pigs are hardier and more resistant to parasites, and they yield a better flavor when they make it to your table as a pork chop or steak.  

It's better for the environment.

Allowing pigs to graze on grass and dig roots and dirt reduces the use of fossil fuels which occur on commercial pig farms to produce the many tons of feed needed to feed these poor animals.

Pasture raised pigs help improve regenerative farming by naturally spreading the manure across the pasture which improves the soil and grass conditions. And, by the digging they do it helps to aerate the ground and keep the soil loose.

It benefits the public health.

The antibiotics and vaccines that are injected in commercially raised pigs can remain in their meat and effect the humans that eat it, as well as contaminate the environment where the waste is disposed.

By having plenty of fresh air and room to roam pastured pigs are able to fight off most diseases and therefore do not need to be vaccinated.

It benefits the human body.

Pasture-raised pork can contain higher levels of nutrients than that of commercially raised pork. It can also contain up to twice the amount of vitamin E and three times the amount of Vitamin D than pigs raised in confined space.

These vitamins are important to the heart, skin, and brain health, as well as immune function and inflammation control. Pasture-raised pork also contains higher levels of selenium, which is necessary for the thyroid health. 

The picture below is an example of how lots and lots of hogs are raised commercially.

Hogs raised in a facility such as the one in the pic above will never see any natural daylite in their life. They'll never see fresh green grass or be able to dig in the drt and roots.

They literally are forced to eat feed, and as much as possible to ensure fast growth rate.

I'll bet you pork raised like this are much more stressed and the meat may even be more tough than that of pastured pork because they do not live free and are not able to walk around much at all.

At Hidden Camp Farm we choose to provide you with the best quality pork that you can eat with confidence and that you know was raised with much tender loving care.

So why not skip the supermarket and start supporting your local farms where you can trust that the food you eat is raised with tender loving care?

Try some of our delicious, well marbled, pastured pork today and enjoy your health!

Daniel King

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