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Top reasons to buy from local farms versus the store! We go beyond the labels.

June 15, 2023

The illustration above shows how you are able to get your products to your table in the freshest way possible.

Why buy from a local farm rather than the supermarket? 

The first thing that comes to mind is transparency!

If you go to your local super market to purchase a grass-fed beef steak or a half gallon of milk how do you know where it comes from and how far it has traveled to get to the store shelf?

Yes, it may be labeled and it may say "grass-fed" but guess what, If it doesn't say "grass-finished" then very likely the animal had some grain in its life. Beef can legally be labeled "grass-fed" but still be finished on grain. If it comes from Ireland or Switzerland, you never know how old the product may be.

If you purchase directly from your local farmer, you actually get to talk with someone who actually interacts with the animals and knows how and where they are raised. 

How can you tell if the product really is fresh?

If you'd ask the staff at your local super market how fresh a certain product is they could very well tell you that they just got it in, so likely it is fresh. But if you'd ask them when it was processed I'll bet you they would not know, unless the product has a processed date.

Some products likely have labels on where you can contact the farmer, if so, I would recommend you call the farmer directly if you have questions about the product. But again, if it is not from a local farmer you really don't know how far the product really traveled to get to the shelf.

Dealing directly with your local farmer is by far your best option! At Hidden Camp Farm we strive to source the best and healthiest products that are FRESH right from the farm.

Even the labels can be deceiving!

Did you know? According to the FDA guidelines products that contain a sugar free label can actually contain 0.5 grams of sugar per serving. Plus there may be higher levels of fat added to a sugar free product to enhance the taste and texture that is lost by removing the sugar. 

In most cases aspartame will be used as an artificial sugar. Aspartame may affect the immune system and, as a result, it may lead to oxidative stress and inflammation. 

Even the term "Natural" can be very misleading to consumers and really does not mean anything on a label. A product with the natural label can still contain artificial flavors, genetically modified products and more…

At Hidden Camp Farm we use the word Natural very seriously. To us the word Natural means that the animals are raised the way Mother Nature intended. All of our animals are raised on open pastures using zero chemicals or antibiotics. They are never forced to eat any grain, soybeans or corn. We do not abuse the word Natural!!

If our products are labeled as "sugar-free" it means there is ZERO sugar in the products! We go beyond the labels!

Even the taste of Farm Fresh Food is better!

Besides having plenty of health benefits, farm fresh food also has a much better taste because it is likely not as old as that of the supermarket.

Supporting your local farmer is probably more important today as it's ever been! 

The government is trying to favor the big commercial farmers and neglecting small farms like us. If small farms go under, we won't have another choice but to eat processed food that is genetically modified and absolutely harmful to the body.

Health and environmental benefits of Farm Fresh Food.

Purchasing naturally raised products from your local farmer helps save the environment because it does not need to be transported as far, therefore less fuel and emissions are used.

You will also get to enjoy the flavor of fresh ingredients with no additives along with much better nutritional values!

At Hidden Camp Farm we strive to be as open to you as possible. We are not trying to hide anything so if you have any questions please feel free to contact us at anytime!

Daniel King

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