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Use natural, healthy sweeteners to substitute refined sugars. It's so much healthier!

April 18, 2022

What are the benefits of Honey?

Raw Honey may be considerably easier to digest than sugar. Because of the structure of sugar it has to be ingested before it will break down completely. Bees will naturally add enzymes to honey which helps to partially break down the sugars making it easier to digest than sugar.

White sugar does not have any calories because it contains sugars, and nothing more. Honey on the other hand has additional nutrients and minerals such as ascorbic acids, copper, iron, zinc, and so much more good nutritious vitamins.

We have Creamed & Raw Honey. What’s the difference?

Raw honey comes straight from the honeycomb. Our beekeeper (Bee Hollow Farm) just filters the honey to remove small bits of debris like, pollen, beeswax, etc. They do not pasteurize the honey.

Creamed honey (also called whipped honey, spun honey, and churned honey) is honey that has crystallized with very small crystals and it is made with one ingredient, raw honey. It is made by letting the honey sit around for a long period of time. But to add an extra flavor Bee Hollow Farm will take the creamed honey and churn some natural flavors into it.

Check out our variety of creamed honey flavors available.

The only difference between creamed honey and regular honey is its texture. There is nothing added to creamed honey to make it creamy – to be clear there is no dairy in creamed honey. What makes creamed honey creamy is the small glucose crystals. By breaking up large crystals and controlling the environment to encourage crystallization regular honey is turned into creamed honey. And it is delicious!

Maple Syrup has similar benefits.

Maple Syrup is clearly a better option than sugars. Sugars contain more glycemic index than Maple Syrup does. 100% Pure Maple Syrup is not only high in antioxidants but also contains some valuable nutrients for the body like zinc, potassium, calcium, and more. Maple syrup also has less calories than honey and is known to be one of the safest sugar substitutes for diabetics.

Recently I've read that eating maple syrup causes a lower rise in blood glucose (sugar) levels than white sugar, corn syrup or brown-rice syrup. It also said, maple syrup has a low glycemic index[a2] , similar to honey, molasses and agave syrup.

So think 100% Pure Maple Syrup and Raw Local Honey the next time you need a sweetener.

All the best.

Daniel King

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