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Producer Spotlight: Family Farmstead Dairy

This week we would like to focus on another member of the “family of farms” represented in the Hidden Camp Farm Store: Family Farmstead Dairy. Hidden Camp Farm partnered with Family Farmstead Dairy earlier in 2020, to offer their A2 Milk. Today we would like to share some of the reasons we are glad to continue offering this product.

Spring Farm Chores

This week Farmer John sits down to describe what has been going on at the farm, as we emerge from a lengthy winter and prepare for the busy growing season...

The King Family and Hidden Camp Farm Origins, Part 1

Many individuals have had an opportunity in recent years to visit Hidden Camp Farm, and perhaps meet John, Ruth or their children - admire the grazing Jersey cows, take home 100% grass-fed organic milk and soy free organic brown eggs, or collect their Thanksgiving turkey. Many others have not had that chance, especially in the last year during the pandemic. John and Ruth King recently participated in an interview to share some details about their family history and the beginnings of Hidden Camp Farm, to appear over the course of multiple blog posts. Read on, for the first installment...