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-$50 or more in product + $15 flat rate shipping = total
-All orders will be shipped Via UPS Thursday afternoon.
-We will email you with the tracking information upon shipment.
-We cold ship all of our products in foam insulated boxes with ice packs.
-Please make sure that someone is home the day that delivery is made. Not that you have to be home at time of delivery, just at some point that day to move your order inside.

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Hidden Camp Farm Site FAQ's

How do I know if you deliver to my area?
When you create an account with us you will be asked to enter your zip code. This allows you to determine whether you are within our UPS home delivery zone. It will also show you our pickup locations if you are close enough..

I am outside your local Pick-up area, can I still order? Do you ship? 

Yes! If you are outside of our pickup areas, you will still be able to select “Home Delivery” as your option. You will automatically be signed in to receive UPS shipping. 

How do you package a product when shipping?
For UPS Home Delivery we use foam insulated boxes with frozen gel packs to keep products cold for up to 3 days. Our packages are handled with extreme care by the HCF  team. Since we must use UPS Shipping to offer the convenience of Home Delivery, there is a certain point where the handling is simply out of our control and in the hands of UPS personnel. This means there’s a chance there may be the occasional product damage i.e. broken egg. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience that the handling incident may cause and assure you that we will always take the necessary steps to immediately provide a full refund for the affected product.

Can I edit my order that I already placed? 
Absolutely! But remember to have it finalized before the order deadline because after that you will no longer be able to change your order as our team will already have processed your order. If there is a need after the deadline, you may call or email us for changes and we will do our best to accommodate you.

When will my card be charged?

Your card will NOT be charged WHEN YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER. Since the final cost is occasionally dependent upon the weight of the items ordered, we can't charge your card until we process your order, which will happen within 48 hours from your delivery date (and often the morning of your delivery). We kindly ask that you keep this process in mind when placing your order and make sure there are sufficient funds for the card to be charged at the proper time. Thank you!

Can I order after the deadline?

This is not recommended but since we have a hard time saying no to our loyal customers for an order, you can order over the phone or by email until noon the day after the deadline. If we accept any late orders after noon the day after the order deadline, you will need to pay a late fee of $5 for the inconvenience to our schedule.

How will I know my final amount to pay for the order?

Make sure to check your emails regularly prior to your delivery day. You will receive an email that your order is packed with delivery details. If you are paying by check at time of delivery, (Farm Pick-up Only) simply write this amount on your check made payable to “Hidden Camp Farm.”  If you do not get the “Order Packed” email by 10AM on the morning of your delivery day, please contact us immediately!

What happens if I am late to pick up?

This is not a good idea but we understand that things can happen like getting stuck in traffic or other delays. A tip here is to put a reminder on your phone or calendar with the time you need to leave to pick up. Please allow extra time as early is always best.  Our drivers have a full schedule and cannot wait at a location after the order pickup time ends. We charge a $25 restocking fee for missed orders unless the exception is made according.

Are your meats 100% grass fed?

Our beef is 100% grass fed and raised on a zero-grain diet. Our additional meat products, which include pork, chicken, duck, and turkey, are pasture raised and receive additional organic feed (also non-gmo ) to complete their diet both during the grazing season and into winter months.

Are all your dairy products raw?

With the exception of our yogurt, our milk products do not receive pasteurization, the method of heating milk to a particular temperature for a set amount of time in order to remove microorganisms. All milk products are crafted using raw milk from Jersey Cows that are 100% grass fed and organic.

Why does raw dairy say not for human consumption?

The New York State Department of Agriculture permits the production and sale of raw milk through approved milk facilities if those facilities perform tests required by current regulations. Based on the NYS's regulatory compliance, Hidden Camp Farm is a fully state inspected and licensed milk facility and permitted to sell raw milk. However, NYS does NOT permit interstate sale of raw milk, and they do NOT permit in-state sale of any raw milk products (i.e. butter or cream), and the USFDA (United States Food & Drug Administration) does NOT recognize raw dairy products as safe. For these reasons, we must label the product accordingly. Label or no label, Hidden Camp Farm does and will always take the necessary steps to educate and inform our customers, and operate with absolute transparency and the highest sanitary standards. You can read on to learn more about raw dairy. Ultimately, the choice to purchase and consume is yours.

Is raw dairy safe?

There are a lot of resources supporting (and not supporting) raw milk production/consumption and we encourage our customers to do as much research as they see fit before purchasing raw dairy with Hidden Camp Farm, especially contacting our team to learn more. This article, written by Sally Fallon, the president of the Weston A Price Foundation, is a great starting point for your research, and explains how “health hazards of raw milk are minimal, especially when produced under clean and careful conditions.” Since Hidden Camp Farm uses natural, organic, and sanitary practices in raising the cows, the risks warned against by pro-pasteurization groups and organizations, are not relevant. If you decide to purchase and consume raw dairy, we can guarantee all of Hidden Camp Farm's raw dairy products have 100% compliance with raw milk regulations that exist at any given time.


I have to say that I have been searching for pastured eggs for a long time. I eat 3 yolks a day, following the Perfect Health Diet, so I’ve tasted a lot of yolks. Yours are best by far. I noticed the eggs are smaller, probably due to the fact they are eating what they are supposed to. The flavor is MUCH better than even organic eggs, and they don’t bother my stomach like others do. Keep it up!
Helena Wolfe
I am allergic to soy and avoid it at all coats. I was not able to eat eggs for 15 years because when the chickens are fed soy the eggs cause me great dietary issues. I am so greatfull that I found Hidden Camp farms and can enjoy eggs again
Lori Glenville, NY
I have cooked MANY turkeys over the years and this year I had the BEST turkey ever from your farm purchased from Healthy Living Markets. PLEASE say you will continue to serve the Capital Region!
Deb Shea
This is the real deal old fashioned milk that I grew up on 1960's. I now feed this to my kids and wife. I know the taste as a kid and this is it. Store bought commercial organic milk does not taste like this. We also bought the eggs and they are not light store bought eggs whether organic or not. The whites don't splatter like store eggs and these eggs puff up when you over easy them. It is like buying one egg and getting 1 and 1/2. These eggs taste better with different texture.
thomas short
I will be a loyal customer because of your excellent products , customer service and communications skills!
Penny Arcade-NY,NY
We are just finishing up our organic turkey from your farm. From packaging to taste, it did not disappoint! It cooked up perfectly and was the highlight of our feast. We will definitely purchase your turkeys and products again!
The best milk I ever had
Benjamin Quinn
Terrific local, organic, pasture raised eggs, poultry, and dairy.
Scott Supak
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