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Whole Wheat Bread Hints:

February 2, 2023 • 0 comments

Whole Wheat Bread Hints:
Are you having a failure each time you use whole wheat flour to make bread? Try these simple tips and tricks to try and keep your bread fresh and to get the best results.


  • Do not add too much flour when kneading the dough. Use just enough to keep from sticking. Whole wheat dough will be somewhat sticky - dough should be bouncy but soft. Too much flour makes it tough and hard and the resulting bread will be dry and crumbly.

  • Do not let bread dough rise more than double at any point. That would cause the texture to be more full of holes and more course and crumbly.

  • Right after forming, prick loaves with a fork to keep air bubbles from forming.

  • Whole wheat bread spoils quickly. To freshen a loaf going stale, wrap in tinfoil or a dampened paper bag and place in a warm oven until heated thoroughly. Remove from wrapping and cover with a cloth to cool. Replace in paper bag.

  • The quality of your bread will depend a lot on the quality of flour you use.
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