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100% A2-A2 Organic Milk & Kefir: A2-A2 Milk

Organic, 100% Grass-fed, A2-A2, Cream-top and Pasteurized


Taste our luscious cream-top whole milk. The hint of golden color in our milk speaks of its premium quality.

Cream-top is just what it says: Our cream rises to the top. This natural separation occurs in all cow’s milk and is a visual indicator of quality: the wider the cream-line in the milk, the more nutrients (flavor) in the bottle. Our cream rises to the top of our milk because our milk is not homogenized. Family Farmstead Low-Temperature Pasteurized milk has not exceeded the 150-degree threshold which optimizes the flavor, nutrition, and digestibility of our products. This milk is heated to only 140 degrees fahrenheit!

Certified Organic ~ Certified 100% Grass-fed ~ 100% A2 Protein ~ Humanely Raised ~ Kosher Certified ~ Farm Crafted