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Pastured Eggs: Corn & Soy-free

Fresh Corn & Soy Free Eggs

✔️Organically Raised
✔️ Unwashed
✔️ Ungraded
✔️ Chemical-free

Our eggs come from fowl that are raised on pasture where they can eat a nutritious diet of bugs, clover, alfalfa, & other native grasses.
No antibiotics, no drugs. GMO-Free.

🐔At Hidden Camp Farm, the laying hens have access to all the pasture they want, where they can run around and enjoy the fresh air, bathe in the sun, pick at bugs, or whatever they prefer to do.

Our hens love spending the day roaming in the wide open pasture. And if the weather gets really bad they have access to run in the barn for shelter. They also get a ration of corn & soy-free grain to keep their diet balanced and to help out when the winter weather settles in.

These eggs are unwashed and ungraded!