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Pasture & Woodlot Raised Pork: Steaks

Grazed in Open Pastures & Woodlots

✔️ Corn & Soy Free
✔️ GMO Free
✔️ New York Grown
✔️ Pasture Raised in All Weather
✔️ No Antibiotics or Growth Hormones

🐷Our Red Wattle hogs are now raised and cared for right here at Hidden Camp Farm, where they have access to plenty of pasture along with a small woodlot at all times of the year as long as the weather allows. Our pigs have access to plenty of grass, to dig in the dirt, and lay in the shade.

However, on the really cold days they will spend most of their time in the barn where it is nice and comfortable for them. Besides digging around in the earth and eating roots, grubs, grass, and about anything they can find they also get a small portion of corn & soy-free grain and grass-fed skim milk to help balance their diet and for good growth and healthy hogs.

They also eat balage and hay which helps to reduce the need for the grain.