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100% A2/A2 Grass-fed Jack Style Cheese

100% A2/A2 Grass-fed Jack Style Cheese

8oz Block

This rich golden cheese will literally just melt in your mouth.

It has a creamy flavor with a medium texture to it. It is slightly softer than the regular mild cheddar, but WOW! It is delicious!

Raw cheese abounds in enzymes that help to digest the fats and proteins. When the food you eat has abundant bacteria and enzymes, then the digestive system is not overtaxed. Our cows are also known to have a higher content of the A2A2 casein protein that is very beneficial and helps to digest the milk easier.

Aged for 60 days.

*The temperature of the milk does not exceed 98℉. The cultures are added at this temp.

*From 100% grass-fed A2/A2 certified organic raw milk.