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4 doz. Pasture raised, Corn & Soy-free Grade & size Eggs

4 doz. Pasture raised, Corn & Soy-free Grade & size Eggs

4 Dozen - Unwashed

At Hidden Camp Farm you’ll find all the wonderful nutrition and health benefits that are available in an egg. We strive to provide you with the best quality eggs for your breakfast table, and so much more!

At Hidden Camp Farm, the laying hens have access to all the pasture they want, where they can run around and enjoy the fresh air, bathe in the sun, pick at bugs, or whatever they prefer to do. However, chickens cannot live on grass and grubs alone, and still be able to have good egg production.

So in order for them to stay healthy and live we feed them a corn & soy-free grain ration.

Why we do not wash our eggs.

A fresh laid egg will have a protective layer of film on the outside called the “bloom”. This helps an egg stay fresh for up to two weeks without being in a refrigerator. As soon as the egg is rinsed with water the bloom will no longer be as protective, and will decrease the freshness of the egg. An unwashed egg can stay fresh in the refrigerator for up to 90 days.

Grade & size eggs.

So after the eggs are collected each day, we will put them in cartons and refrigerate them, and they are ready to sell. We do not sort the eggs by size, so you might get different shapes and sizes, all in one carton. This is why we call them “grade & size”. 

Choose a healthier egg now. Nest run, corn-free & soy-free eggs.