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Beet kvass to the rescue! This refreshing tonic blends beets, garlic, and ginger into a tangy and probiotic rich elixir.

 Beet kvass can be used to support immune function, cleanse the blood, combat fatigue and chemical sensitivities, allergies and digestive problems, and is especially good for those suffering from constipation or sluggish liver.

We recommend a two ounce shot taken in the morning, or whenever your body craves it. Kind of like a beet pickle juice, the history of beet kvass goes back to Ukraine, where it was traditionally made as a flavorful and nuanced base for cold borsch. Always keep refrigerated.

Tried and true. Locally sourced green cabbage, and sea salt: reminding us of a simpler way of life.  This classic equals time travel for your taste buds. Offering mild acidity, light crunch, it's a real crowd pleaser. Always keep refrigerated.



Spring Water, Organic Beets, Ginger, Cabbage, Garlic, Spices.