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100% A2-A2 Grass-fed Whole Milk Quart

100% A2-A2 Grass-fed Whole Milk Quart

1 Quart
Pure and Natural
  • Cream top: Non-homogenized
  • Low temperature pasteurization
  • Just milk: No additives 

Taste our luscious cream-top A2/A2 whole milk.

The hint of golden color in our milk speaks of its premium quality.

A2-A2 dairy is known to have a good source of vitamins, like vitamin A, D and B12 which are all important for a strong healthy body and a good bone and teeth structure.

Using the gentlest form of pasteurization (VAT), helps to keep the milk as natural and nutritious as possible. We believe that in using this low-temp pasteurization, our milk is as close to raw milk as legally possible. Sure, some of the healthy bacterias may have been killed, but not nearly as many as would have if the milk would be UHT (ultra-high-temperature) pasteurized...

Non Homogenized
Our milk and milk products have not been homogenized. This means that our milk and all our dairy products have a rich heavy creamline with a taste, texture, and look that is noticeable.