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Lamb Leg Roast (bone-in)

Lamb Leg Roast (bone-in)

1 Lamb Leg Roast per pack

100% Grass-fed & Finished Lamb Roast

As a red meat, lamb has a much great iron source than most other meats. It is also high in vitamins and other great proteins such as omega-3 fat content, better calories etc.

Lamb and beef have similar calories, total fat, protein, vitamin, and mineral content—but lamb (especially grass-fed lamb) is the winner when it comes to omega-3 fat content. Grass-fed lamb also has higher quantities of the healthy fat CLA, which is beneficial for cognitive, cardiovascular, and metabolic health.

Grass fed lamb is a great choice for your Holiday dinner table. These Leg Roasts have a small bone in them which can be removed for quicker cooking.

From Free Range, 100% Grass-fed Lambs. (Never any Grain).