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St. Louis Cut Spare Ribs

St. Louis Cut Spare Ribs

2.5 pound avg

No Corn - No Soy!

The "whole rack" of Spare Ribs has been trimmed down into an even rectangular shape - known as a St. Louis Cut.

Free from common allergens like corn and soy, these ribs ensure a clean, wholesome dining experience suitable for various dietary needs. Packed with protein and essential nutrients, they promote muscle growth and overall well-being.

If you relish fatty cuts of pork (back ribs, spare ribs and Saint Louis Style ribs), you are in luck, as the fattier the pork cuts, the more menaquinones they contain (2), which is a good thing for your bones (11-16), your heart (3-10) your immune system (17-23), and cancer prevention (24).

Secret for Tender Ribs. The best, most fool-proof way to make sure that your ribs are fall off the bone tender is to bake them, covered, at a low temperature in your oven. Bake ribs in a 275° F oven for two to three hours. It is this simple method that guarantees tender ribs!

The spare ribs are cut from the belly of the hog, plenty of marbling that may remind you of the taste of bacon. Perfect for your favorite slow cooking technique.

Whether you're hosting a backyard barbecue or enjoying a cozy dinner at home, our St. Louis Cut Spare Ribs promise to impress with their exceptional taste and nutritional value.