Organic Turkey

Free range and grazed in open pastures. No antibiotics, no drugs. GMO-Free.


We do not currently have any Whole Turkeys available, if that changes we will list them here.







Hidden Camp Farm Thanksgiving Turkey Pre-order

Frequently Asked Questions


When will the pre-order period begin? 

Our website will begin accepting pre-orders by 10am on Monday October 18, 2021. 


When will the pre-order period close? 

We will be accepting pre-orders until midnight on Tuesday November 9, 2021. Certain sizes may sell out, prior to that date. 


How much will it cost to pre-order? 

Pre-orders will require a $35 deposit, per turkey. 


Is my deposit refundable? 

Deposits held during the pre-order period, will not be refunded. 


How much will whole turkeys cost? 

Whole turkeys cost $6.25 per pound. Once your order is packed in November, we will know the exact weight of your turkey. The week that you receive your turkey, you will be billed for the whole turkey - with the deposit applied toward the final amount. 


What size turkeys will be available to choose from? 

We are offering three different options to select from:

  • Whole Turkeys that range from 8 to 12 pounds in size
  • Whole Turkeys that range from 13 to 16 pounds in size
  • Whole Turkeys that range from 17 to 20 pounds in size


Where can I go to pickup a whole turkey, purchased from Hidden Camp Farm? 

Turkeys can be picked up at any of our Capital Region “Drop Locations”, as well as at Hidden Camp Farm. Please visit the link below for a map of these locations, as well as approximate times that we are at them on a weekly basis.


What dates will turkeys be available for pickup? 

Turkeys will be available the week prior to Thanksgiving Day, the week of November 15. Specific dates include November 17, 18, 19, and 20. 


Will I be able to pre-order any additional turkey parts? 

Additional turkey parts such as boneless turkey breasts and turkey thighs will not be available to pre-order. These items will be available in the farm store for placing a “regular order” for pickup the week of November 15. 


Will I be able to pre-order a turkey for UPS delivery? 

No, turkeys will not be available for shipping.


How long should my fresh turkey remain in my refrigerator? 

We recommend that your fresh turkey be cooked or frozen, prior to November 27, 2021. 


What if I would like to order other items from the Farm Store - for pickup the week of November 15?

You may place an order online during our normal sales cycle that includes delivery for the week of November 15. The ordering window would begin on Wednesday, November 10 and end at midnight on Tuesday November 16. You would then have 2 orders to collect the week of November 15: a turkey preorder and a “regular order”. 


Will there be any whole turkeys available after the pre-order period has ended?

We are not expecting to have any additional turkeys available after the pre-orders period has ended. Any modifications to these plans will be announced in our Weekly Newsletter and noted on our website. 


What retail locations will be offering Hidden Camp Farm turkeys? 

There are several retailers that are proud to offer our turkeys to their customers. Please contact them directly for more information on pricing and availability. Locations include: 

  • Hawthorne Valley Farms
  • Hungry Hollow Co-op
  • Berkshire Co-op 
  • Honest Weight Co-op
  • Sunflower Natural Foods (Woodstock Location)
  • High Falls Food Co-op
  • Niskayuna Co-op



Look no further for truly pasture-raised, organic turkey for your holiday table. Lean, nutritious and versatile, turkey is an American staple during harvest time. We believe this celebratory bird should be raised the old-fashioned way, on pasture and with time. No growth hormones, GMO's or antibiotics are used on Hidden Camp Farm. Fresh air, sunshine and room to roam are our preferred methods of keeping our animals healthy.

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