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The 178 acres of farm land in Schodack Landing, NY is home to Bee Hollow Farm. Today, Bee Hollow Farm is a family owned and operated sustainable apiary but our story starts way back to when our Master beekeeper, Paul, was a child living on a dairy fair in Upstate NY. Growing up Paul was exposed to bees and beekeeping on his family’s farm as well as neighboring farms. Paul never imagined that him and his family would have created Bee Hollow Farm nor did they know how successful it would be! But he did know that beekeeping was something he was extremely passionate about.


Although Paul has practiced beekeeping on and off throughout his entire life, bees have always fascinated him. When he first heard about the bee crisis, Paul and his family were living in Boston, MA and Paul knew he had to do his part to help save the bees he came to love as a child. As a family, they placed a Nuc in their backyard, and it was then that Paul realized his passion was not working in a corporate office, but instead it was tending to the family bees. They say you can’t go home, but that’s exactly what Paul and his family did. For the next four plus years, they searched for the perfect place in New York to raise their honey bees. It wasn’t until 2014 when Paul purchased his current farm, that’s how our farm story began. Once Bee Hollow Farm was created, Paul had a huge growth spurt in the number of colonies he raised and the expansion of Bee Hollow Farm has not slowed down since!

Bee Hollow Farm