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New Producer Spotlight: fin - your fishmonger

March 12, 2021

Hidden Camp Farm is excited that we are now able to offer fresh seafood in the farm store. You may not expect that a landlocked farm committed to organic, pasture raised products would be your source for seafood. Caring for the environment while placing an emphasis on the health and quality of the products offered, are requirements for us - whether on land or at sea. We are happy to have found a supplier that satisfies the strict criteria that we apply to all of the other proteins available in the farm store. Read on, to learn more about our source for the seafood: fin - your fishmonger. 

fin - your fishmonger has been serving the Capital Region for more than 10 years.  

fin - your fishmonger was founded by Peter Kenyon and Dora Swan in 2010. Back then, there were no local options for fresh and sustainable seafood. Pete and Dora established relationships with the suppliers at the historic Boston Fish Pier, and needed a venue to sell their seafood in the Capital Region. They decided to start by joining a number of other local purveyors at a popular Farmers Market, and they received a wonderful response from the community. Demand was strong enough that they continued to offer fresh seafood throughout the winter, from the parking lot of a local hardware store.In 2012, fin - your fishmonger opened their retail location; where they also have a number of cooked to order items and specialty platters. Their market offers other complementary items for your meal, and they even sell Hidden Camp Farm eggs as well as Family Farmstead A2 Milk. By continuing to appear at the farmers market and maintaining a modest retail space, Pete and Dora are able to cultivate personal relationships with their customers. They are quick to share recipes and other tips for preparing their products. Not surprisingly, they have consistently received accolades and appeared on regional “Best of” lists.

fin - your fishmonger only offers seafood that is sustainably sourced, a commitment that applies to both wild caught and farm raised products.

Assessing sustainability is a complex task, as it involves referencing multiple sources; and conditions are constantly changing in our globally interconnected marketplace. Pete and Dora are up to the challenge, and their passion for sustainability shows when discussing the topic with them. Another criteria Peta and Dora utilize when sourcing seafood, is whether or not they are comfortable feeding these products to their grandchildren. This approach benefits their own family and hopefully yours as well. Their commitment to avoiding products that are under stress from overfishing, increases our chances that a bountiful supply will remain for many future generations. 

Similar to land based farming, seafood farms comprise a broad spectrum of operational sizes, with varying levels of environmental stewardship.  

According to the World Wildlife Fund, approximately 3 billion people in the world rely upon seafood as a primary source of protein. Wild caught sources alone, cannot meet this demand. Among aquaculture farms, some employ best practices as certified by 3rd parties; while other operations may be destructive to the environment and employ practices that are harmful to other species. Both the shrimp and salmon that are available in the farm store, come from sustainable farms that are considered global leaders in aquaculture.  

The Wester Ross salmon are completely raised by hand, including being fed daily. The pristine waters of the North Atlantic are a suitable habitat for them to mature slowly, and without the use of antibiotics, hormones, or GMOs. In this respect, they have much in common with the other beef, pork, and poultry that we source. The shrimp come from a farm in India that has obtained certification from Best Aquaculture Practices; a trusted certifier of high standards in aquaculture. 

Taste the difference that fresh seafood provides.  

The haddock, cod, salmon, and scallops that are now available in the farm store, have never been frozen - an important distinction when considering seafood options, as it allows for the flavors and textures of these products to shine. fin - your fishmonger will be cutting fish and packaging by hand, for each individual order placed. Please let us know if you have any questions about these items, and keep an eye out for more offerings in the future.  

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