New Producer Spotlight: Alpine Heritage Creamery

January 8, 2021

Hidden Camp Farm is pleased to announce the addition of Alpine Heritage Creamery, to the family of farm products that we offer. Alpine Heritage Creamery is located in Paradise, Pennsylvania, where they maintain a herd of Jersey cattle. The herd is pastured and 100% Grass-fed, just like the Jerseys you will find at Hidden Camp Farm.

We believe that great cheese begins with the highest quality milk.

The herd at Alpine Heritage Creamery is free from corn, soy, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO); and they also refrain from using antibiotics. These happy and healthy Jerseys produce organic raw milk, the high protein and butterfat content develop this cheese to its full flavor potential.

While the list of ingredients in their cheese is simple, their artisan techniques are just the opposite.

The cheese is created with a simple list of ingredients: raw grass-fed milk, salt, rennet, and cheese cultures. Certain varieties may also include added ingredients, such as: herbs, garlic, or peppers. All of these ingredients must be organic. At that stage, Alpine Heritage Creamery applies artisan methods to create and mature the cheese. This “hand crafted” designation is earned, from processing the curd to turning the wheels of cheese in the aging cellar. Patience is required, as the cheese matures for durations ranging from 2 months to 2 years of time. The Pennsylvania Farm Show has recognized the remarkable quality from Alpine Heritage Creamery, awarding a first place ribbon for Paradise Cheddar and second place ribbon for Applewood Cheddar.

It may be difficult to choose your new favorite.

The Hidden Camp Farm store currently has 11 different varieties of cheese, from Alpine Heritage Creamery. Please visit the individual product descriptions, to learn more about each style and view some of the suggested uses for them.

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John King

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