At Berle Farm, we are committed to the quality of our product and we know that it starts, very literally, from the ground up. We view farming as a complete system including the soil, grasses, grains, and animals. We know that the great taste of our cheeses, yogurt and many other products comes from prioritizing health throughout the whole system. Including your health!

From our small beginnings to now, we have always valued quality above all else. We have expanded slowly, but surely, always making sure we have achieved excellence and expertise before expanding production or adding new products. We sell our cheese and yogurt at dozens of stores across NY, VT, and MA but at no point has an increase in quantity meant a decrease in quality.

We’ve been saving seed and producing our own fertilizer since the very beginning. Our compost pile rocks 100 worms per gallon of soil. Our products are powered by solar electricity and solar hot water. We’re also in the process of selling our development rights in order to protect the land we treasure. Sustainability and land conservation are fundamental tenets of our business. They aren’t something we’ve adopted along the way or incorporated when possible but have fundamentally defined our decision making at every step. We love the land.

The farm was founded by Beatrice Berle in 1989 with the goal of providing good food to her neighbors and investing in the local economy. She continues to own and operate the farm to this day and continues to invest in the local economy and provide good food to her neighbors. This year we officially opened the new Berle Farm Store, our greatest commitment to our community yet. Beatrice loves farming and has worked hard to share this love with others. Berle Farm is a multi-generational business with a proud history and a bright future.

At Berle Farm, we spend a lot of time with cows. They are generous, ambitious, and steadfast. There aren’t many creatures that give more than they take but cows provides us with, milk, beef and easy companionship, while only taking grass. They also grow to be 1,500 pounds by just eating grass! If that’s not ambitious, we don’t know what is.

Berle Farm

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